Chicago Blues FC is among the top Chicago youth soccer clubs where dedication, excellence, and fun are fostered in a supportive yet serious coaching environment. Our quality program at Chicago Blues FC not only begins with our management and coaches, it also comes from our hand-picked players from Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods. This highly competitive selection process creates a melting pot of talent and diversity, key components of the city of Chicago. Our club not only prides itself on striving to represent many of the neighborhoods of Chicago but, in name, also reaches back to the musical roots of the city, as the heartbeat of the city. The harmony of strategy and fun in soccer is at the core of youth development at Chicago Blues FC.

Soccer for kids.

Chicago Blues FC transitioned from the well known and respected Magic City soccer club, which was managed by GolSoccer. GolSoccer is now the managing partner of Chicago Blues FC and will continue to grow its teams as one of the most successful youth programs in Chicago. This is accomplished, in part, by recruiting top coaches. Our rigorous recruitment process evaluates prospective coaches’ skills, experience, and personality to ensure an enjoyable experience for our kids at practices and games. All Chicago Blues FC coaches are accredited with the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Not only does the club have some of the most talented coaches, but also has many strategic associations with key youth development programs. Specifically, our association with ISL Barcelona is designed to bring not only technical education to our players, but also a wealth of knowledge and a winning mentality from one of the most successful professional clubs in the world.

Finally, a critical component of the success of our club depends on parent involvement and participation. Many parents assist in the management of the club and its foundation, and provide an imperative support structure to the club’s core values. Through the teamwork between our players, parents, coaches and management, Chicago Blues FC develops not only fine soccer skills, but the sportsmanship, strategy, and determination necessary for life.