Chicago Blues FC High School Fall Program & Tryouts

Did you know that:
  1. 100% of Chicago Blues FC players made their 2018 fall high school team?  Our kids play for: Payton – 4/4, Lane 2/2, DePaul College Prep 2/2, Lab 2/2 Mount Carmel, Jones, Von Steuben, Oak Park River Forest, and Morton High School. Your son will also have the opportunity to try out for Chicago Blues FC and if you make a Chicago Blues team, you will have a very good chance of making your high school team next year.
  2. Making a high school soccer team is a lot more competitive than it used to be. For kids that didn’t make their high school teams, Chicago Blues FC offers a unique fall season “High School Play” program designed to help players improve ball skills, endurance and physical conditioning as well as the opportunity to play alongside other high caliber high school players.
  3. Chicago Blues FC draws its club members from all across the city which means every demographic group plays for our teams. It also means we can develop the most competitive high caliber players. This is one of the factors that makes Chicago Blues FC unique among all city soccer clubs. We play at Crane High school which is centrally located to allow kids from all over the city to compete and participate.
  4. Our teams are ranked in the highest level of soccer in the state of Illinois:

U17 Chicago Blues FC – Currently Ranked 4th in the State


U17 Chicago Fire Juniors – Currently Ranked 5th in the State

U17 Chicago City SC – Currently Ranked 113th in the State


  • We know that kids who didn’t make their freshman team often come back and make the Sophomore team. But you can’t get better unless you play. Join Chicago Blues FC “High School Play” so you can practice 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 6:30pm-8pm ) and get a weekend game.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the Chicago Blues FC High School Play Program, please call: 773-563-4240 or email

For $350, your son will receive: 3x week training, League play, jersey whatever else you get don’t forget to mention the talent of the coaches here. And the opportunity to try out for an FC Blues Club team for Spring 2019!

Chicago Blues FC High School Program Tryouts

Crane High School
October 15, 16, 17, 18.
U15 players born 2004
U16 players born 2003
U17 players born 2002

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Registration cost before September 30 – $15
Registration cost after September 30 – $25