Partnership with a Spanish Professional Club

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with a La Liga Spanish professional team “Real Oviedo.”

For a couple of years, I have been looking to establish a professional soccer club partnership. There were interesting options from some “well known” European Clubs, but none of those partnerships came close to the level of interest and attention we got from Real Oviedo. There are many benefits to this partnership:

  • Coaching Education: Real Oviedo did a presentation to me about the level of dedication and knowledge they have for the game of soccer. None of those “well-known” European Clubs had a truly set curriculum to share with us with the information of practices, evaluations, soccer-style, and most importantly, the coaching education. Every one of our coaches will need to learn the methodologies from Real Oviedo, and they will assign a Real Oviedo coach to analyze our practices and games.
  • International Summer Camp in Chicago: We are delighted to announce a summer camp this year at Lions Field. Real Oviedo coaches will travel to Chicago to teach and evaluate our players. More information coming this week.
  • Trip To Spain: Our Blues players will have the opportunity to travel to Spain for an amazing international experience. More information is coming soon.
  • Opportunity to Study in Spain: Real Oviedo has partnered with a prestigious education network to allow US students to continue their education in Spain while practicing with Real Oviedo teams. More information is coming soon.

Jorge Valle
Executive Director​

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